Does Girls Vagina Smell Attract Men?

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You may have asked yourself “Does a girls vagina smell attracts men?”, if you are looking for answers to this question then I will be able to help you out. It is a fact that many women find it difficult to get an erection in the first place and in some cases it can lead to impotence. However, it is not just men who have problems with their virginal organs getting hard, there are many women who also have this problem and hence find it difficult to take their partner’s home after a tiring day at work.

One of the reasons as to why women’s vagina tends to stink up after sex is due to the fact that they tend to urinate very soon after their sexual activities. During the time that your partner is having his/her orgasm, her vagina receives a lot of moisture from the penis and this will make the vaginal area smell extremely bad. Hence, the urine adds to the stench of the vagina. Women often tend to avoid this condition by simply wiping their vaginal areas after their sexual acts, however this is not a good idea because you should not wipe your vagina after every sexual act. This could cause your vagina to become dry and you can end up contracting an infection.

Another reason as to why women’s vagina tends to smell after sex is due to the fact that the skin on her private parts are delicate and sensitive. Due to this reason, whenever a man enters her vagina, his sperm will enter the blood stream which will travel through the entire body and will reach her bloodstream. This is a sure shot way of attracting men towards you and therefore it is vital that you keep the vagina well moistened throughout the day. Do you want to go out with someone who smells like an ashtray?

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