Dangers Effects of Masturbation

Dangers Effects of Masturbation

It’s no secret that masturbation is a very common activity. Many people consider it a safe and natural way of exploring their bodies, feeling pleasure, and releasing their built-up sensual tension. People of all genders, races and backgrounds masturbate. In fact, there are many men that hire vegas escorts to help them masturbate.

But, what are the dangers of masturbation? Generally, masturbation does not have harmful effects. Nevertheless, excessive masturbation can have negative effects on everyday life and relationships. Here are the major dangerous effects of masturbation.


Due to spiritual, religious, and cultural beliefs, some people feel guilty after masturbating. Many people believe that masturbation is immoral or wrong. They have been made to believe that self-pleasure is shameful or dirty. But, this is not entirely true.


When a person masturbates more often, they can become addicted to masturbation. Thus, they may end up spending excessive time masturbating. In fact, this is among the most dangerous effects of masturbation.

Masturbation addiction can lead to:

  • Skipping daily activities or chores
  • Missing school or work
  • Canceling plans with family and friends
  • Missing crucial social events

Masturbation addiction can hurt relationships and other aspects of life. Your studies or work can be interrupted by excessive masturbation. Thus, your productivity level can be affected negatively by masturbation.

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